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Workers Comp Compliance Audit Service

Ensure You’re Getting the Lowest Worker Comp Premiums Possible

Workers Compensation Insurance (workers comp) is one of the highest costs of your insurance program, so it’s important to make sure you are being charged accurately and appropriately. This is why a compliance audit is so important. We review your current and historical policies against what actually transpired to ensure proper recording at carrier level for accurate calculations. The rating and mod factors are highly complex, so it’s important you hire the right person that understands the sophistication of the data. Proper collection and accuracy of payroll, classification coding and claims are essential in this calculation.

You may now wonder…

  • What is a Mod factor?
  • How does is affect what I pay?
  • What goes into the calculations?

These questions are reasons why it’s important to let a trained professional handle this data on your behalf. With our experience and knowledge in this area you will be rest assured your work comp premiums will not only be accurate but lower in cost as a result.